Hi, pleased to meet you, it's so great you got here!

I'm Liat (Lilou) Paz, 42 years old, married to Arik and Mom to 5 kids. We live in Ganei Tikva.

I was born in Israel to an English mother and a Belgian father from a family of diamond merchants and I've spent my entire life connected in some way to design and beauty. My father is a noted and respected diamond dealer in Israel, and both my husband and my brother are in the diamond business too.

My grandmother on my mother's side was a well-known fashion designer in London and I think that I've inherited her designer "genes". At the age of 11 I was sent to study at a girls' boarding school in England, far from my family here in Israel, and I grew up to be creative and ambitious, breaking the rules and accumulating experiences and inspiration from all over the world. I studied graphic design, interior design and styling and worked too at diamond sorting in the family business for over ten years. In parallel with my permanent work I established my family of kids, whom I adore, and I enjoy every moment of family life.

At around the age of 40 I began to feel that it was time for me to spread my wings, to do what I love, to do what I am good at, something of my own, something that arises from within me. So, after years of designing jewelry pieces for friends and family I decided to further my love of the subject and broad knowledge of the field and to produce my own collection. I gain inspiration from so many different sources and use it to create new spheres of beauty. I design and create young and contemporary jewelry pieces, light and innovative, and meticulously finished to the highest standard. I resolved to enable more women to enjoy and experience quality designed items that are also at affordable prices. I put my heart and soul into my work and perceive it as a vocation.

I love to hear what my clients like, to realise their dreams and turn these dreams into beautiful pieces of jewelry. And so, I'm delighted to meet you and to know that you have read my credo. I will be happy to be in touch with you, to realise a dream for you. I can design an exclusive jewelry piece especially for you, or enhance your beauty and poise with an item chosen from my collection.

You can reach me at: +972543979703
Or send me an email: liloupazjewelry@gmail.com
I shall be truly happy to meet you.

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