How to measure correctly your ring size at home

There are a number of ways to measure your ring size at home, without the need for any special device.  I advise measuring using more than one way in order to be sure that you have measured correctly.

Several important points for success:

1)      A finger on the right hand is not always the same size as that on the left hand.

2)      Check the temperature of your hand. It should be neither too warm nor too cold prior to measuring. Room temperature measurement is best; and not following exertion.

3)      Measure around the thickest part of the finger, near the knuckle adjoining the palm of the hand.

4)      If you are unsure, it’s best to go for a half size larger rather than smaller.

Method 1:

With the help of a ring that you already own and a targeted application for a smartphone:

1)      Download the link and follow the instructions:


Link for Android devices:

Link for I-phone:


2)      Open the app.

3)      Place your ring that is the correct size on the screen.

4)      Fit the circle on the screen to the size of the ring.


Method 2:


Measuring the circumference using a paper strip:


1)      Cut out a ½ cm wide and 10 cm long strip of paper.

2)      Wind the strip around the finger you wish to measure.

3)      Mark with a marking pen the point  where the free end finishes.

4)      Straighten out the paper strip and use a ruler to determine the distance (in cm) between the mark and the free (shorter) end of the strip.

Check the size against the table at the bottom of the page:


Method 3:


Using an existing ring:

1)      Mark the internal diameter of the ring from two opposite points.  

2)      Then, measure the width of the ring using a ruler from end to end of the circle. Compare with the table at the bottom of  the page, the internal diameter is measured in mm (millimetres).


*Link to videos demonstrating the subject: 

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