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Inna Bracelet

Inna Bracelet
Bracelet of spinel stones with diamonds set in gold stars
Total weight of diamonds 0.12 ct
Clarity VS-S1
Colour G-H

Price : $424
left 5
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The design and production of young, contemporary jewelry,

delicate and different, perfected to the highest standard.


Secure purchase; convenient means of payment

 each item under guarantee;

affordable prices for every pocket;  certificate of value provided for each item of jewelry.


Payment can be made via Paypal – and also via the worldwide Paypal link.

Payment procedure is open to change and/or additional payment options might be offered, in accordance with the options provided at the end of the order process on the website and as determined in this protocol.

Following completion of the order online, the order will be sent to our order division to confirm receipt of payment by the credit card company and/or Paypal.

Following confirmation of payment, your order will be dispatched for shipment within 7 business days, in accordance with the item you ordered.

All items will be dispatched as soon as available and following completion of the order. Orders can be made on the website 24/7 but are carried out on Sunday through Thursday between 08:00 -18:00.

Order intended for delivery abroad: Orders are dispatched from Israel. Shipment to Europe is up to 14 business days and to elsewhere in the world up to 21 business days. However, as shipment is carried out via a third party, there can be delays in delivery of up to 45 days from day of dispatch by us.

Should your order be more urgent and you wish to ensure receiving it more quickly, please contact our customer service division to discuss the available options for express delivery.  The cost of such delivery is to be paid by the customer.

Should more than 45 days pass and the item has still not been received please contact our customer service division to check the dispatch and receive any additional information.

Together with dispatch of the item you will be sent an email with a tracking number to follow the progress of your item.

As noted, dispatch will take place following completion of the order, receipt of full payment for the item and for delivery and confirmation of this payment.

We are fully entitled to delay dispatch and/or prevent supply of the item if receipt of full payment for it and/or full completion of the order form have not been carried out correctly.

An item shipped in accordance with the details supplied during the order process is considered to have reached its destination.

An item shipped to an address incorrectly supplied by the customer during the order process and subsequently returned to us:

The customer is liable to all potential costs pertaining to return of the item including cost of shipment and/or return as well as cost of additional shipment to the amended address and any additional costs.

Payment for shipment will be carried out via credit card and accompanying payment for the item and is not eligible for cancellation for any reason other than due to a fault in the item or the item not matching the order, or if the order has been canceled prior to shipment.

The customer is liable for payment of customs duties or other taxes required by the country of destination.

Liloupaz-"New Century Creations" reserves the right to change at any time on the website dispatch options, cost of shipping and terms of shipping.

It should be noted that delivery times, as they appear in this protocol, are an estimation only, and we are not responsible for delays resulting from changes in postal authority schedules and/or delivery company schedules and/or holidays and/or weather conditions and/or any other event beyond our control including events resulting from force majeure.


 The Liloupaz Fine Jewelry website enables user-friendly, convenient and easy purchase of unique jewelry items and their delivery to the customer’s home anywhere in the world!

Placing an order 

Orders can be placed through this site in accordance with the standard order process on the site, at any time.  The ordering system functions 24/7 and orders can be placed at any time and from anywhere in the world.

When completing the order form the instructions should be followed carefully and all the required details must be supplied in order for us to supply your items in time and problem-free.

The user of the website confirms that the details provided by her/him regarding the ordered items are correct, complete and accurate, and agrees that the provision  of her/his  personal details during the order process has been carried out willingly and with consent.

If any details are  incorrect and/or inaccurate we cannot guarantee completion of the order.  Moreover, in accordance with the law, deliberately providing false details  can constitute a breach of the law and in such cases the supplier of false details can be subject to civil/criminal prosecution, including being sued for damages caused to the website owners resulting from the provision of false details. 


All legal issues pertaining to the terms and conditions of use of the website are subject solely to Israeli law and to the   contents of the Hebrew protocol whether use of the website is made from Israel or abroad.  The sole jurisdiction authority in regard to the terms and conditions of use of the website lies with the authorized Tel-Aviv–Jaffa Court.


is not liable for any damage of any kind, caused directly or indirectly, to the customer and/or third party in connection with items purchased via this website, other than that pertaining to their legal rights.

For total clarification, it is noted that from the moment the item is dispatched to the customer and/or a third party, the company is not responsible for any potential damage  caused as a result of misuse and/or  incorrect use and/or any other use than that for which the item dispatched by the company is intended.


We strive to ensure the quality of our products and that they are packed in a way that ensures their safe arrival in good condition.  Cancellation of an order and return of the item is only enabled under the conditions set out in this protocol and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 1981-5741.

If you are unsatisfied with the jewelry item you have ordered  or wish to alter the size the jewelry can be returned and a full refund will be made pursuant to the following conditions:

Request for cancellation of change must be made within 14 days.

You should contact the customer service division and inform them regarding your request for cancellation/change and send the request 24/7 by email to liloupazjewelry@gmail.com

The item should be returned in new condition, unused and in its original packaging to the address provided by customer service to the customer.

In case of cancellation and/or alteration in size of the jewelry item, return of the item, shipping and receipt to Liloupaz-"New Century Creations" are the responsibility of the customer.  Customers failing to return the item within the specified time will be unable to cancel their order.

As noted above, an order cannot be cancelled or returned if the item was specifically designed for the customer and/or was prepared according to the customer's personal design.

In all cases, the refund will be in the amount charged to the customer.  Costs of handling and shipping etc. are subject to deduction  from the original cost.

Costs of shipping, handling, taxes etc. resulting from return of items are payable by the customer.

Refunds will be payable according to the payment method of the customer and only following receipt of the item by the company and in its original packaging, intact and within the allotted time frame as noted above.

An ordered jewelry piece, despite our best efforts to ensure that our website remains constantly updated, may not always be in stock and you acknowledge  your awareness that the items offered on the website constitute a proposal for sale and that ordering an item does not in any way obligate the company to supply it.

Should an ordered item not be in stock we will contact you with an update, and if necessary offer you additional choices that reflect your original selection, should such exist.   If the ordered item is not in stock and/or not supplied for any reason connected to this website, the order will not be charged and if charged a refund will be issued.

Pursuant to the above we note that the customer and/or any user of the website will have no claim and/or demand  against  Liloupaz-"New Century Creations" regarding items that were not supplied and for which the customer was not charged.

In that this website is a dynamic website and we strive to keep it updated in regard to both products and other details, we cannot guarantee that a product description and/or other content featuring on the website will be precise, complete, accurate, up-dated and/or without unforeseen error.

Furthermore, the displayed images on the website are intended for demonstration purposes only and therefore there may be differences between a displayed image and/or size and those of the final item received by the customer.

Further, we cannot guarantee that the display of the item as seen by the customers on their computer screens, I-Pads, Tablets, Smartphones, etc., will be identical to the original, as every screen presents colours differently in accordance with the screen resolution of the device.


This protocol sets out the conditions for use of the site.  Use of this site is subject to all the instructions of this protocol and to the law.

The user of this site declares that she or he has read the protocol and consents to its contents and obligations.


This website is owned by “New Century Creations Ltd.”, and managed and operated by it alone. The registered office of “New Century Creations Ltd.” is at 1 Jabotinsky Street, Ramat Gan 5252005,  The Diamond Exchange.  Tel:  03-5751068.

Your use of this site is dependent upon acceptance of the conditions, terms and notices as stated in this document. Use of the site will thus be considered as agreement on your part to all the conditions, notices and terms appearing in this document, and the conditions of agreement noted below will accordingly  constitute the agreement which will be valid during your use of this site.  You are permitted to use this site  only following your agreement with all the stated conditions and terms appearing on the site and with the knowledge that they oblige you to all the above.


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